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Individual Income Streams - page 1

Want to try your hand at Internet marketing? Here are a couple of potential income streams backed by Russell Brunson:

Sell marketing training plus business opportunities that support the presentation. Russell Brunson, a top affiliate marketer, shows the evolution many take with the hope of becoming a 'Super Affiliate' like him. In peeling back the curtain he shows us how he did it and then he gives us the opportunity to market this training AND to market either one or both of the business opportunities shown in the presentation.
20MinutePayDay is an affiliate program that Russell Brunson put together to help individuals market using techniques taught in the course above. You can invest in this as a stand alone marketing package and later upgrade to the Affiliate Evolution package when you are ready to expand. All the basic marketing materials needed are provided in the package. Additional training found in Affiliate Evolution is eventually recommended if not used from the beginning.
new_vista_marketing_7sep13002004.jpg new_vista_marketing_7sep13005003.jpg image showing 20minutepayday screen image